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Former Italian Soldier Saw 13 Feet Tall Alien - New witness Comes Forward !

The diatribe between ufologists and sceptics has taken a new turn in Italy following a sighting recently occurred at Moregliano, in the Italian North-East, not far from the Slovenian border

It is only a couple of days since the local media in the province of Udine, in the north-eastern corner of the country, published the news of what it could be described as an Alien encounter. Several Italian blogs took the story, giving it strength and credibility, even though there are many who labelled it as Carnival joke in bad taste.
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The sighting happened on February 11 at 22:30 Saturday night and involved a few motorists coming back home when they supposedly spotted a monstrous creature sitting at the edge of the road.

One witness came forward in the aftermath, describing the creature as a huge being over 4 meters /13 feet tall, standing on curved legs, of grey complexion and with a rounded head terminating in a cone shape.

A quick online research showed how the local community had marked the event as a set-up, citing the total lack of any physical evidence of the claimed sighting: nobody had documented what happened along the old Napoleonic road, as apparently mobile phones stopped working and no photos of the creature could be taken nor anybody could call the Carabinieri for help.

The case has been followed by UFO specialist professor Antonio Chiumiento, who has been following unusual events and UFO sightings for the past 35 years. Chiumiento was contacted by D'Andrea and took to heart his story, deciding to investigate the claim on the spot.

In the words of the professor last night: "One of the people that Leonard  had seen locked inside the car spoke to me and the new version given by this witness confirms exactly the facts narrated by Leonard."We have therefore a new witness, that claims to have faced the  strange creature a few minutes before the arrival of D'Andrea.

The witness has spoken of his moments of terror: "A terror that made me flee and shut myself inside my car".

According to Chiumiento, the case is not a stunt, especially considering the effects of the sighting on the environment as it was happening: "Aside from the total silence in the area, the fact that the street lamps went on and off is evidence which goes to support what I was told by the previous witness". Even though the situation is dubious and almost science-fiction like, the UFO specialist declared that there is more evidence leading to believe that the sighting is an event of international relevance.

He added : "I am going ahead, even though it will be hard to demonstrate the alien origin of this phenomenon, considering the scepticism demonstrated by many!

To those who think it's all a hoax, I can only say that Giuseppe D'Andrea, father of Leonard and a former soldier, called me at 8.30 on Sunday morning to explain what had happened the previous night. He was extremely upset and I personally heard the concerned voice of the two".  

The professor said he felt a sense of shame against those who "judge without knowing", confirming to absolutely not having assembled the case.

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In relation to Saturday’s sighting, the new witness - who apparently wants to remain anonymous - has admired the courage of those who approached the Alien creature.

This witness concluded his narration of the facts to Chiumiento with the following words: "When several people approached the creature, thinking that someone had been hit by a car - while the weird being had actually being kneeling down, if I remember correctly - and asked it, whom they thought was a man: "Do you need help? Have you been hurt?", the creature stood up and went towards the witnesses but gave no sign of aggression. At the sight of what to human eye appears to be monstrous, people run and literally locked themselves inside the car. The creature was moving amongst the cars as if the occupants were not there! In my opinion, such behavior is a clear sign of non-hostility towards us!"
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