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UFOs Filmed Over Amsterdam, Netherlands And Dallas, USA

According to eyewitness testimonial,"on our way from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Dallas on March 17, 2012 on KLM flight, we caught an UFO right after departure. I filmed it with my iPhone but first noticed the UFO one day later when I played the video at home."

KLM-UFO over Amsterdam - CLOSE UP

Four days after to the Amsterdam, KLM ‘UFO’ video, a ‘UFO’ disk-shaped object flying at a slightly less than ‘supersonic speed’ was filmed March 21, 2012, over the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metro area. The video shot from a plane flying over Dallas-video posted below.

UFOs Filmed in Dallas From a Plane - Analyzed & Enhanced

Interestingly, KLM-Amsterdam silver disk-shaped object similar to the Chile silver disk-shaped object that caught some serious ‘UFO’ buzz earlier in month: the ‘supersonic speed’ UFO caught on film on November 5, 2010, during a military airshow at the El Bosque Air Base in Santiago-video posted below.

The El Bosque UFO wasn’t also spotted until “an engineer from the adjacent Pillán aircraft factory noticed something bizarre while viewing his footage in slow motion”. The El Bosque UFO didn’t receive significant attention until mid-March, 2012, after the Chilean government’s Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena, or CEFAA, studied the footage from the air show and made the result public. Down below is an excerpt from Gen. Ricardo Bermúdez's presentation at the 2012 International UFO Congress, detailing the "Pelican Case," a UFO encounter that involved two airliners and a navy plane called Pelican.

Gen. Bermúdez showed the analysis done by the astronomers from CEFAA's External Committee of Advisors, which established that the object was not a meteoroid, a comet, reentry of space junk, a bird or an airplane. Furthermore, the scientists' report stated the UFO undertook "a risky maneuver in front of the Halcones from west to east" and that it did "a flight maneuver at low altitude and high speed." The report also established that "the object shows light and shadow effects of metallic like reflections and shows ellipsoidal shape" and that "the land observers do not detect the object in spite that it passes over their heads, thereby it is not accompanied by a sound wave."
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