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Intense HAARP Activity Recorded Prior To Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is being described as the “worst storm in 100 years” and will possibly mutate to super-storm status once it combines with a polar air mass over the eastern United States enabling it to cause widespread damage and chaos.

Intense HAARP activity was recorded in East Coast of United States prior to Hurricane Sandy.

Down below is Hurricane Sandy path map & HAARP activity map:

According to "readings continue in the Northeast with a start longwave time on October 19th, peaking a few days ago. The white shade has not been seen before in this project and we suspect it is a reading that is over 10. Unknown at the time.

2012 Hurricane Sandy

Sandy developed from an elongated tropical wave in the western Caribbean Sea on October 22, 2012. It became a tropical depression, quickly strengthened, and was upgraded to a tropical storm six hours later. Sandy moved slowly northward toward the Greater Antilles and gradually strengthened.

The reality of weather modification is no conspiracy theory.

Since before the 50′s, weather modification techniques have existed. In fact, the threat of “weather weapons” was so imminent that the United Nations felt it necessary to draft a treaty ensuring no nation would use this “new means of warfare” against one another. Why would the U.N. draft a treaty if weather modification was just a conspiracy theory?

The 1976 UN Weather Weapons Treaty defined “weather weapons” as follows: “[...] the term “environmental modification techniques” refers to any technique for changing – through the deliberate manipulation of natural processes–the dynamics, composition or structure of the Earth, including its biota, lithosphere, hydrosphere andatmosphere, or of outer space.” Read more

In past we had also reported :

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