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Sonic Boom Heard In USA, UK And India

Sonic Boom rattles Ardmore, Oklahoma On December 6, 2012

The stillness of morning and afternoon was shattered by isolated booms which sent pets scurrying for cover as well as a couple of their two-legged friends.

The booms also created quite a stir on social media as area residents began seeking answers to what might have caused them.

Many residents were concerned that the booms were earthquakes or related to drilling or quarry blasting. Amber Wilson, Ardmore Emergency Management Coordinator, contacted the Oklahoma Geology Department in Tulsa and was told no activity had taken place that would lead officials to believe there was an earthquake. Both the City of Ardmore and the police department received numerous inquiries regarding the booms. Lone Grove dispatch also reported numerous calls as well. The Ardmore Development Authority, which runs the Ardmore Airpark, also received numerous calls and was unable to identify the source of the booms.

Paul Tucker, Carter County Emergency Coordinator, speculated the source as a sonic boom and noted that the US Geological Survey had not identified any seismic activity from the morning booms. There was also no activity noted following the afternoon incident.

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Mysterious bright flash in sky reported across Texas on December 7, 2012

From McKinney to the White Rock Lake area and all the way south to Houston, a bright flash reported in the sky Friday morning captured the attention of many across the Lone Star State.

Justin Wagoner, who lives in the White Rock Lake area, said he saw a green trail and heard a large "sonic boom" around the same time. Others reported seeing white and orange colors. The sight only lasted a few seconds before vanishing in the sky.

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'Sonic boom' heard over Leicester, UK on December 9, 2012

The cause of a loud bang heard in Leicester and on the outskirts of the city has perplexed residents and authorities alike.

A "large, rumbling, explosion, thunder-like sound" was reported by people living in the city centre, New Parks and Beaumont Leys on Sunday evening.

Similar reports also came in from residents in Birstall, Rothley, Glenfield and Enderby.

No one at the Ministry of Defence was available to comment at the time of going to press.

However, a spokesman for air traffic control at East Midlands Airport said: "We would know about any Ministry of Defence flights in our airspace.

"We have gone through our flight plans for Sunday evening to see if there was any unusual activity.

"However, there was nothing at all out of the ordinary that would make that kind of noise."

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'Sonic boom' heard over Jodhpur, India on December 18, 2012

A deafening sound heard at 11.25 am in Jodhpur on Monday sent panic waves among the residents. The incident prompted people to enquire from the control room about any explosion. Initially, rumours spread about a "sonic boom" or an ammunition accident in army area but defence personnel denied it.

On being contacted, defence spokesperson Col SD Goswami, refused any such explosion in army area. As far as Air Force is concerned, they are trying to ascertain the facts with regard to a sonic boom, he said.

As per rules, no sonic boom should take place in township areas. It can happen beyond 60 km from town areas when an aircraft carries out a test flight. According to Col Goswami, such explosion in township area can lead to damage to properties like crumbling of window panes etc.

'Sonic boom' heard over Horry County, South Carolina, USA on December 20, 2012

Several people reported hearing a loud noise and feeling the houses and buildings they were in shake around 1:00pm Thursday in the Myrtle Beach area.

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USGS tells KSBY News "sonic signals" shook the Central Coast on December 20, 2012

Staffers in the KSBY newsroom are fielding calls from residents from Morro Bay to Atascadero to Santa Maria regarding possible earthquakes.

People reported feeling "rattling" two separate times about 20 minutes apart around 9:30am. Another caller in Morro Bay reported hearing what sounded like an explosion.

The U.S. Geological Survey is not reporting any earthquakes locally, as of yet. David Oppenheimer with the USGS tells KSBY News the shaking seems to have been caused by a 'sonic signal, not an earthquake.'

Oppenheimer reported there were two sonic signals one at approximately 9:26am and 9:40am.

Vandenberg Air Force base representatives told KSBY News the base is unaware of what caused the events.

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Cambria Geophysicist Says Sonic Boom Unlike Anything He's Ever Heard
: Reported on December 22, 2012

For the past two days, Central Coast News has received calls and emails about the mysterious shaking felt across the Central Coast.

Edwards Air force Base officials told us the mysterious explosion was a sonic boom caused by an F-22 fighter jet as it was making a test flight but some skeptics aren't convinced.

"In a typical earthquake, what we have is the first waves that arrive, the 'P waves'" says Cambria Geophysicist Lou Blanck.

"Then we get the shear waves, where the real shaking starts but there was never this shear wave so this was completely different."

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