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Pilot And Others Spotted UFOs Over Missouri And Arizona

Unusual displays of UFO lights were reported in Tucson, Ariz. and Kansas City, Mo cities on Saturday night July, 27, 2013.

According to one eyewitness, identified as Cbazz on YouTube: "My family and I witnessed these strange amber lights in Tucson on our way home from dinner. There were seven or eight of them crossing the sky, some solo and others in pairs flying very, very close together.

"Living in this part of the country, we often hear fighter jets from the Air Force base, but we are used to that and it is always recognizable and very loud," Cbazz wrote.
"These objects we saw tonight were silent and moving across the sky very fast....Not sure what we were seeing, but I never really believed in this sort of thing until tonight. Glad I had my phone to record."

Several eyewitnesses saw and videotaped similar objects in the sky -- but this time, they were flying over Kansas City, Mo.

Kansas City UFO Sighting:

"Not for sure what they are, but I got several videos of them and pics. Looks like a UFO fleet!?" wrote YouTube poster jemnich1, who was contacted by another witness, GoGraveside, who sent this message on YouTube: "I really hope you get to investigate this incident. I was in the same vicinity and recorded the same lights on my cell phone. There were 3 additional passengers in my vehicle at the time who witnessed the 'lights' as well." 

According to another youtube poster musicstickler, I also witnessed 8-10 of these in South-central Missouri along with my husband, daughter, son & his wife. They floated above the tree tops silently and several just disappeared then reappeared right in front of our eyes.I am a pilot and just want to point out that these were not low flying aircraft or Chinese Lanterns. Lanterns climb steadily & burn out while these stayed in one spot for over several minutes while appeared to burn out only to light up again. I do not know what they were.
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