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Illuminati Card Game Predicted Las Vegas Shooting

Was the Las Vegas massacre foreshadowed in the Illuminati card game? Was Las Vegas shooting an Illuminati blood sacrifice in front of The Pyramid and Sphinx?

It was not just some random guy with a bunch of guns that pulled this off. It was a planned event that would have involved significant planning by more than just the one man.

Jason Aldean

When one looks at the Illuminati card game, and what is on the Las Vegas card. And compare it with Aldean’s arm tattoo it certainly seems like "The Black Sun, Jack and Ace" are deliberately put together.

So if we look at the card Jack and ace of spades. The Jack is the 11th card and has a value of 10 in some games The Ace is the 1 and the 11.

So JA is "Jason Aldean", that's interesting. But wait, this wasn't his Original name.

“Aldean changed his name on the suggestion of Monte C. Willis, a music consultant hired by Barry Williams".

las vegas shooting Jason Aldean Jacks and Aces tatto
In an earlier picture he didn’t even had that particular tattoo, it leaves us wondering why he added that tattoo to his arm. Did someone else suggest it to him that he should get it?

Following the shooting Jason Aldean joined the chorus of those calling for gun control.

Isn’t that what always happens after these types of shootings? Is that a part of the agenda in this all?

Chorus Lyrics from his song “Lights Come On”.

When the lights come on, everybody’s screaming
Lighters in the sky, yeah, everybody’s singing

The Luxor – New World Order Temple

The Luxor Hotel and Casino is huge. The same sort of huge as the pyramids in Egypt. In front of the Luxor is a sphinx, and in front of that is an obelisk. In ancient Egypt, pyramids were actually temples. The Luxor is essentially a New World Order Temple. The whole place is full of symbolism that dates back to the ancient mystery schools.

On top of the black glass pyramid that is the Luxor Hotel, is a crystalline capstone that reflects light. It represents the all seeing eye of Ra. When you are inside the building, wherever you go, you will find some aspect of the ancient mystery schools, and the quest for knowledge.

There is an emblem in there that was registered as a trade mark in 1993. It is a circle with a pyramid inside it. Around the outside of the circle are the following words:




The Route 91 Harvest festival was powered by Sirius XM. We are sure the Radio Sirius XM had nothing to do with this in any knowledgeable way, but is it coincidental that they were used in the advertising of this event? We will let the readers judge that.

But we will say that in a number of ancient cultures humans would be sacrificed in rituals during the autumn harvest.

Isis was associated with Sirius, Osiris with Orion’s belt, and Horus with the Sun. Sirius-Isis was seen as the mother goddess

“The Ancient Astronomers saw all the great Symbols of Masonry in the Stars. Sirius glitters in our lodges as the Blazing Star.”

Illustrious Albert Pike 33°
Morals and Dogma, page 486
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