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Beam Of Light Sighted Over Texas, USA

According to eyewitness testimony, on 8th January 2019 around 8 pm, "I called local news, they told me multiple reports are coming from the same area.

The beam of light left and then came back, seemed to shift positions slightly but mostly remained in place or at least as I type this they are in the same place.

News media stated meteorologists didn’t know what it was. It lit up the clouds around and below it.

Horizon looked like the glow of a bright city in the distance. This was seen from the inside center of midland, Texas."

MUFON: 97595

According to the second eyewitness, around 8 pm I received a call from my wife telling me to look outside. I saw multiple about seven glowing and pulsating columns of orange-red lights.

They were slowly moving south-east. I heard a faint hum and all dogs were going nuts. The lights slowly started to fade away and then about thirty minutes later they were out of sight replaced by a faint cloud wisp trail.

The entire city saw these lights and the surrounding area as social media came alive with sightings.

The local news is saying that the weather channel explained the lights were refraction due to temperature fluctuation.

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